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About Astrid Eenig

This is my story

Hello, my name is Astrid Eenig,
A while ago, I struggled with questions about my existence. Luckily for me, I met great teachers, who taught me to go within and find my purpose. I live with purpose now and I experience love, inner peace, and joy.

My skills

  • Coaching 80% 80%
  • Training 85% 85%
  • Personal development 95% 95%

My Background

I was born in Suriname in a big family. I lived together with my parents and 9 siblings. It was the time when women stayed home to take care of the kids and the household and the men would go to work to provide for the family. We had little resources and we had to count every penny, so I felt poor. As a little child, I believed that I was mistakenly placed into a wrong family… I never felt like I belonged. I was different… I promised myself in these early years to change my life.

My Path

When I grew up, I started looking for ways to change my life, to have a better future. I moved to several countries, where I made great friends, but I still couldn’t find what I was looking for. I struggled with questions about my existence. Why was I here? What was the reason for being? What was I supposed to do on this earth? I started looking for teachers to help me find what I could not find myself. I came across great teachers: Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Lisa Nichols, Oprah Winfried, and Michael Bernard Beckwith, just to name a few. The greatest lesson for me was how to become still, go within and let the answers come to me. This journey led me to my purpose.

My Purpose

I found what I was looking for all of these years. My purpose is leading people to their greatness, so they can live a life of contentment. In 2018 I was called to move to Portugal, a beautiful sunny country, with wonderful sunsets, lovely beaches, nice people and good food… Now I work online and live from my deeper awareness. I help people to connect to their purpose, their inner strength. It is that little piece inside you that makes you unique and ones released will give you power, joy, freedom, happiness, and fulfillment. I believe that together we can put on our light and co-create a beautiful earth. I have pieces of training and coaching online. Twice a year we have a retreat to connect you to deeper levels of awareness.


Do you know the answer to these questions… Who are you? What drives you? What is the reason for being? Who or what is making you do the things you do? What makes you different? How do you release your inner strength? How do you connect to your higher self? Join the online coaching if you are struggling with questions like these.

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Do you believe that you are here, on earth for a reason? Do you know deep inside that you are unique? Do you feel that there is a seed inside you waiting to grow and give fruit? Do you believe that the world needs your special quality to shine more brightly? Are you ready to release you? Join the masterclass to start living the life you are born to live.

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Success stories


business en detox retreat - Astrid Eenig online marketing trainer en coach

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