Help Uganda

Through investing in you!


Knowledge is power! Knowledge is one of our strongest assets and the only weapon against poverty! I believe that if you give people food, they will come back for more, but when you teach them how to provide their own food, they are fed forever. That is why we help with schooling in villages in Uganda. We help children in villages in Uganda to go to school. We provide not only schooling but also invest in a better living environment for everyone in the villages.

We support Compassion with finances to increase the living environment in poor villages in Uganda.

Admit it,
We all need books
and fairy dust
once in a while

What can you do?

From every investment that you make in your own personal growth, we give a percentage for increasing the quality of life in Uganda. This is how you contribute to increasing the life of poor people in Uganda. We are very happy that you are helping us to fulfill this mission.

On this page, we will share updates about our activities in Uganda with you.

On behalf of the children in Uganda, we say “Thank you!”