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“You don’t have to be good to start,
but you have to start to be good!”

Masterclass: Live with purpose

Online course: Live with purpose

There comes a moment in your life when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired. That moment when you realize that you are throwing your life away; that you are living an empty and meaningless life. You start feeling unhappy and unfulfilled almost all the time. You get the feeling that there is so much more inside; so much more you came to do on this beautiful earth.

You start having questions like: What is the meaning of my existence? Why am I here? What is my purpose? How can I use my purpose to mean more to others? What can I contribute to this earth, to leave it behind better than I found it? What is my uniqueness? How can I shine my light to lid up somebody else’s darkness?

If you struggle with questions like these, you are ready to grow from where you are to where you want to go. There is a calling on your life. Your inner-self is screaming for help to being released and start serving your purpose for being here on earth.

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How we roll

About our journey together.

I take you from where you are now to where you want to go. Therefore we start with a questionnaire that helps you to give words to your feelings of inner disturbance and helps you to formulate where it is you think you need to go.

Your vision about this questionnaire will change during the course because you will change. You will get more in touch with your true self and therefore more tuned in with your purpose. That is a good thing! You will start to emerge and be able to release your purpose. It is a journey of letting go, forgiveness, getting still and embracing the real you. You will get stronger and ready to start serving from your purpose.

If you really want to live a meaningful life than this is a “MUST DO” course for you!

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Create a life of bliss!

We are evolving to a greater sense of being. Everyone has greatness inside. When you get in touch with this greatness and start living from that place of inner bliss you will start to create a beautiful life for yourself and others around you, because by putting on your light you will encourage others to do the same!

Once you get in line with your greatness, you will create an abundant life!

“I live with purpose! I feel loved, fulfilled and happy!”

Succes stories

Recensie 4 trainingspagina

“Mijn relaties bloeien weer op en ik houd nu geld over aan het einde van de maand in plaats van andersom.”

Je bent mijn topper! Bedankt!


Recensie 3 trainingspagina

“Je energieke persoonlijkheid maakt dat ik graag in je omgeving ben. Ik vind dat ik, mede dankzij jou, ontzettend gegroeid ben de afgelopen maanden. Ik begin in februari aan je vervolg training en kijk er nu al naar uit!”

Lieve groet,


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“Ik ben weer gelukkig in mijn lijf en ik ben goed op weg met mijn eigen bedrijf. Het geeft zoveel voldoening”

Dank, dank, dank!


Recensie 1 trainingspagina

“Dank je wel Astrid.

Dankzij jou heb ik in het afgelopen jaar een enorme groei doorgemaakt op persoonlijk en zakelijk vlak”


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From every investment that you make in yourself through our programmes, we give a percentage to Uganda to increase the quality of life in the villages. We help children to go to school, help them with clean drinking water and contribute to better infrastructure in these villages.

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